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NATURALS in highly regulated markets

Selection of only high purity ingredients from  GMP certified manufacturers



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Galen produces, among other products, Esculin a  substance used in  pharmaceutical for venotonic, capillary-strengthening and antiphlogistic action, with similar action to that of vitamin P.


The Esculin is also used in the diagnostic test to isolate and identify bacterias including Streptococci and Enterococci groups.


Their modern manufacturing facility is located in Zelenikovo in  Bulgaria. The plant is GMP certified for production of cosmetic ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). 


VENDEIS is declared as importer and distributor of API in France.

A  Quality Insurance system is implemented conforming with European and French guidelines of distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Thus Vendeis is a recognised  and authorised organisation to distribute your products to the pharmaceutical industry.  

ransom naturals

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Ransom Naturals Ltd (RNL) is a leading developer and manufacturer of natural products and extracts to the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Cosmetics and Food & Drink industries.

They develop and manufacture botanical extracts derived from plant materials including roots, stems, leaves & flowers, with finished products in liquid, viscous paste, and powdered forms.

The company  produces a wide range of Capsicum extracts to meet British, European and United States pharmacopeial monographs, in addition to those formulated to meet customer specific requirements.
Ransom Naturals Ltd is one of a small number of European manufacturers of Capsicum extracts producing to cGMP requirements. 


They provide application, finished formulation and regulatory support. The plant is GMP certified for API 's production

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