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NATURALS in food

Documented Healthy benefits - 

Ethical cleaner labels  with short ingredients lists 

Innovations in tastes and sensory experiences 


ransom naturals

Ransom J Peg April 2015.jpg

Ransom Naturals from UK  develop the Genus Extract™ range to meet these market needs. These products are blends of botanical extracts which target particular areas of functionality.


For example, relaxation, improved cognitive response, cardiovascular and digestive health.


The products are differentiated on the basis that the blends are unique and produced through one multi-component extraction improving cycle times and simplifying the facilitation of finished formulations.



 Vitaforest is an international full-cycle manufacturing company. Our product's range includes dry extracts and powders of herbs, berries, and mushrooms which can be used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The company's departments responsible for the foraging and processing of plant materials, production, and quality control, are located in Russia. Among them are Rhodiola Rosea a valuable adaptagonic herb which grows in Siberia , the birch  Chaga a polypore which a parasite on trees as well as the Taxifolin a flavonoide extracted from larch wood.


Marine logo.jpg

Marine Hydrocolloids is the only exporter and market leader of quality Agar Agar in India. he company has a production capacity over 350 M.T per annum. Agar Agar is used as 100% vegetarian substitute for Gelatin (manufactured from animal bones and skin) in the food industry. The usage is fast gaining ground due to the worldwide shift for products of vegetable origin.

Agar Agar has been used for many centuries as high performance gelling agent.

The company  has since then introduced several products like Wonder Gel, Plant gel, Agarose.

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