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Less ingredients in labels - Less impacts on environment -More innovatives properties




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BST from Korea aims at developping functional ingredients from indeginious plants. They use biofermentation to present the most pure active  and innovative extracts

They bring knowledge from famous and long tradition of  Korean natural cosmetics 

They have developed some specific preservatives with large spectrum anti bacterial and anti fungal performance. it is   available as powder and liquide and certified COSMOS 


Atina from Brazil search for new natural assets aims to meet the market demand for innovative products, while ensuring sustainable sources of raw materials.


Atina produce AlBi® the Bisabolol which meets the demanding socio-environmental certification standards of FSC® (License Code: FSC-C019578). In addition to FSC, Atina is also certified by Ecocert, following the organic certification standards NOP/USDA and the Brazilian Organic law.

Atina explore from Brazilian biotope many actives extracted from wild ressources which they produce in their GMP certified plant.


Nanovex is an expert in cosmeceutical delivery systems. The technology of encapsulation based on advanced liposomes can target:

  1.    deepest layer of  the epidermis

  2.    superficial layer of the epidermis

  3.    hair follicle

  4.    cuticle of hair fiber

All vegan and highly stable. All with allegations supported by penetration test, exvivo and invivo tests.

Nanovex also proposes custom-design products with your own active and own liposome structure with a prototype  of encapsulation  within 8 weeks.

All Nanovex 's products are compatible water based, oil in water and water in oil formulas.

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